What is LoveLightHouse?

Hi all you beautiful souls! I am Jenn Suliafu, creator of LoveLightHouse. I am a life coach, writer, speaker and spiritual teacher. My favorite thing in the whole world is helping people wake up and remember who they truly are by creating a life full of EXCITEMENT, LOVE, JOY and PURPOSE!

LLH is to add love and light to the world. The world needs… Love love love!!! And for people to recognize their power. The planet has a collective energy and we need to take responsibility for what we are creating. It starts with you and me choosing now! Are you contributing to love or fear?

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I choose to live my life awake recognizing my power to create!


I choose to strive daily to live from a place of love towards myself and others!


I choose to heal myself and then turn around and help others by living my purpose!


I choose to see us as the same, every human deserving love & respect!

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Andie Thueson

Andie Thueson

Working with Jen has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I grew up in a very religious family and always thought of manifesting, meditations, and affirmations as a little weird and "out there".  They are so not! They are awesome and practical tools that will help you and bring peace and love into your life. Jen's techniques and tools have empowered me and helped me to wake up to my true life's full potential. I am now filled with joy and peace as I move forward towards my goals and fulfilling my purpose. Thanks a ton!

Madi Sherri

Madi Sherri

My experience life coaching with Jenn has been truly life changing! I can honestly say it has immensely made me a better person and has completely changed the way I think about myself and how I see the world. From a young age I suffered from anxiety and depression, so much so that I allowed it to control my life. At the age of 17 I knew that I wanted to change my life for the better. After seeking help from doctors and being prescribed different types of medications and doing counseling I felt like I was remaining stagnant in the same place as before and not improving or growing. After just two life coaching sessions I began to notice big changes in my life. The thing that I love about life coaching is that you begin by healing from the time that you were born until now. Anything and everything that has caused you pain or anguish that is still negatively effecting you. You then work on forgiveness, and retraining your mind to think positively. Through the power of meditation and the Law of Attraction I went from being a girl with low self esteem who would cry at the thought of speaking to a stranger. I now am a full time college student, and I also work at a job where I greet people with a smiling face. Jenn's techniques will teach you to heal from the past, love yourself unconditionally, and learn to awaken and create the beautiful life you were meant to live!